doctor internet (forsooth) wrote,
doctor internet

talking about work

This is what I do now:
I wake up at 7:40 and get ready for work. My bike just got a flat tire, so I can't bike there/back/home for lunch (it's a 10-minute ride or 20-minute walk). So I walk there and get to work around 8:30, go through all the emails the company gets and delete all the junk. Then I do whatever important things the company CEO's told me to do by email from wherever in the world he currently is. Right now, I have a list of things to do that includes fixing this fucked up spreadsheet that has depletion data (basically, how much vodka we're moving in the states where we're distributed) for each state, finding two copies of KING Magazine (the world's Illest Men's Magazine) in which our product can be seen between the legs of co-owner Jermaine Dupri, booking a one-day flight for our CEO to Myrtle Beach from NYC, figuring out how to set up new email accounts for new sales reps, and calling a couple hundred liquor stores and asking for their fax numbers. Also, I answer the phones.

On the plus side, I can wear whatever I want and listen to music. And I'm making some dollars.

When I get home I'm going to call my girlfriend, Laura Anderson, and talk to her. I also do this every day, but it's a lot better than work.
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